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Fernando Lamadrid is one of the most influential bass players in Spanish music environment. Restless mind and curiosity has led him to explore a wide range of different styles, such as flamenco, jazz, rock, funk, soul. He was endorser of brands such as Ibanez, Ebs, Aurora Strings... currently for Markbass and Loritabasses. He is active as a musician since 1999, later became teacher who worked in the school of modern music 'Promusica' in Seville until 2010, Now he is teaching from a private school in Madrid and online and has students from Europe, North and Latin America.


He colaborated on more than 40 records for bands such as Raimundo Amador, Las Niñas, Juanito Makandé, Miguel Rios, El Canijo  de Jerez, Tomás de Perrate and Chico Ocaña. He is a founder of a fusion trio named The Mencial Project which has been formed in 2012. With a simple formation of bass guitar, electric guitar and cajón flamenco kit, influenced by many musical styles, their composition is made on improvisation and elements of indian music, jazz, rock and funk. He played on festivals such as Boom town fair festival (Winchester, UK) Festival Med (Portugal), Le Puy en Velay (France) Sziget (Budapest, Hungary), World music festival (La Habana, Cuba) and concerts in London (UK), Dublin (Ireland), Edimburg (Escocia), Meknek and Fez(Morroco) etc. Through all these years he played with artist as: Las Niñas, Raimundo Amador, Tomás de Perrate, Chico Ocaña, El Canijo de Jerez, Maita Vendeca, Silvia Pantoja, Juanito Makandé, La Selva sur, Tucara, Algiva, Junior Miguez, Carlos Chaouen, Alba Molina, Maria Villalon, Miguel Rios, Nicasio Moreno, Viking M.D, María Jiménez, Pepe Begines and Alejandro Vega. Currently he is on tour with Juanito Makandé, his electric jazz/rock band "The Mencial Project" and recording his own album which will be available in February 2017. He received the award for best revelation bassist in 2010 in the Bassday festival in Madrid where he performed clinics and concerts with Marcus Miller, Hadrien Feraud, Carles Benavent, Jeff Berlin, Gary Willis or Reggie Hamilton. 

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